Hello Finland!

Today is a special day. Today is another English speaking day. Today is the day I introduce features dedicated to my Finnish readers.

As some noticed, many wines reviewed here are actually avaiable at the Finnish monopoly, best known under the sweet name of Alko. However, most reviews are writen in French and these wines were not specifically identified as part of Alko selection. This is now fixed! In the « Catégories » on the right of the blog, you can find a new category: ALKO. Under the later, you will find all the wines available at Alko. I will even link the distribution list in the future when I review one of its wines (starting tomorrow). I hope that you will soon find these informations and enjoy them. Don’t hesitate to send a comment, even in Finnish, if you have any question about this post or any wine I reviewed.

Until then, have a nice day.

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