ALKO: Single Vineyard Canelo Syrah 2011by Viña Leyda (Chile, San Antonio, Leyda Valley)

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Producer: Viña Leyda

Wine: Single Vineyard Canelo Syrah

Vintage: 2011

Grapes : Syrah

Origin: Chile, San Antonio, Leyda Valley

Price range: 12-15€ (Finland, Alko)

Available at Alko: Yes (05/14), 405337

Leyda, until then, has always provided me with good surprises and good wines. The style is modern and these are always straightforward wines but there is a certain elegance and an obvious attention to ripeness. The wines are always balanced and they taste like what the should taste and not overripe, cooked fruit.

I had much anticipated this Single Vineyard Canelo Syrah 2011 because if the climate of Leyda seems to me to be a little bit too warm for Pinot Noir (though, they get very good results), I believed that Leyda would be great for Syrah. Earlier I had a good a but not fulfilling experience with a Syrah from an other producer in the same region but this time, no disppointment: Leyda worked its magic again. And beside more than decently!

The wine is full of fruit, ripe fruit but not over, and spices.There is also a hint of orange and traces of oak aging. It is extremely pleasant and it is the smell you expect from Syrah (not the Blueberry bomb that is Prologo by San Fransico de Aguirre, for instance). This is balanced and really food friendly. Then the mouth doesn’t disappoint. It is full of fruits and slightly smoky. The structure is good, the length is nice and with a come back of the fruitiness. The oak aging is more present here, with hints of cacao and vanilla. It is really well made and very very enjoyable.

A success and a good value for money here in Finland. My drinking advise is to use a pretty big glass, around 500 ml, with a classical tulip shape. I got the best result in the Zalto Universal, but the wine was also great in the Zwiesel Fortissimo Red Wine and the Vinum Syrah by Riedel. Do not decant, simply open half an hour before service. I am not sure there is any point in keeping that wine more than a couple of years in the cellar.

Wineops’ rating: 79/100 ; 0 0


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