The brand new Wineops.


Wineops has a brand new Internet site. More comprehensive, easier to navigate and more flexible. This update will bring you more content, more information and it will be much more user-friendly than a simple blog.

The new site is divided in two section. In the first one, you will find a lot of information about wine, on the model of a web-magazine. You have the possibility to browse the article by theme (tastings, glassware…). You can also access the site specifically in English or in French. This is a biggest change : we turn multilingual. Hopefully I will also be able to offer you some pages in Finnish, later. The site is under construction, so I will add more and more translated articles, with the objective of publishing everything in both English and French.

Among our short term projects, we aim at providing you with more and more articles about wine glasses as it is a subject I am very often asked about. My goal is to bring you decent review of all the major wine glasses.

The second section will inform you about the variety of services that Wineops can provide you with: wine tasting lessons, seminars, wine dinners, education… We are here for you, to help you realise your dream wine projects.

Welcome in this new and exciting era of Wineops! 

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