ALKO : Lambrusco Gasparosso di Castelvetro by Riunite

The Lambrusco is quite an original wine. This is a sparkling red wine from Northern Italy, more specifically Emilia Romagna. The best variety to produce this atypical wine is Gasparossa, though, using the best variety doesn’t guarantee a good wine!

This can be a spectacular wine, especially if you consider the value for money, but the production structure is dominated by cooperatives and cheep wine merchants. As a result the average level is quite low and it is always a bit of a risk to pick one bottle.

Alko has one reference of Lambrusco di Castelvetro, and it is an « amabile », which means semi-sweet in italian. Note by the way that sweetness is often use as a way to hide defects, especially when it comes to sparkling wines.

This Lambrusco di Castelvetro by Riunite belongs indisputably to the category of cheep, not to enjoyable Lambrusco. Therefore, without any further comments, I will strongly advise not to buy nor taste it. The nose is very unpleasant, slightly fishy. The mouth is very simple, direct and slightly unpleasant. Weak wine, no point drinking.

Wineops’ rating: 45/100 ; 0 0

Link to Alko : HERE

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