ALKO: Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah 2007 by Lost Canyon Winery (USA, California, Sonoma Coast)

2007 is a stunning vintage in California. Some claim it to be the best ever (especially for Pinot Noir and Cabernet). Ideal growing conditions, no extra warmth…

Therefore I expected a lot from this wine.

And this Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah 2007 did not deliver completely.

Dark fruit mainly, there is also a hint of olive and caramel. Very intensive nose but one that lacks complexity and elegance. It smells very warm, very jammy. Alcohol is noticeable. This is at the same time a good and a bad start. I already expect the wine to be on the overripe side, which is always synonymous of bigger defects in the mouth. It is indeed massive though not unpleasant to smell. The mouth is another thing. Here, the lack of complexity is immense. The wine is awfully simple, and falls very short. No real interesting taste: jammy, cooked, caramel. It is overripe and bears all the signs of it.

All in all it is a plain wine, big in the beginning but with heavy shortcomings in the taste. I do not really advise it, unless you are a fan of overripe Shiraz and alcohol unbalance. Not bad but nothing special.

WINEOPS’ Rating: 68/100, 0 0

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Lost Canyon Stage Gulch Syrah 2007

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