Ocio 2009 by Cono Sur (Chile, Casablanca Valley)

Ocio is THE Pinot Noir of Cono Sur and probably one of the most ambitious of Chile.

The grapes come from the Casablanca Valley, one of the coldest and best place in Chile, with a much cooler climate than most other regions. Soil is sandy with a bit of clay, climate of 2009 was rather good (especially compared to the quite bad 2008). It has been all manually handled and spent 14 month in oak barrels.

First, I must say that I open this wine probably a bit too early as it will probably improve and be at its best in 3 to 5 years.

The color is deep… really deep dark ruby with almost purple reflections (which is not common in a Pinot Noir). It is almost impossible to see through. The nose is very concentrated and shows hints of pepper, dark ripe fruits. Black cherries, plums… it is not overripe aromas but on the verge of excess. The mouth is surprisingly tannic for a Pinot Noir but it is quite soft. We find back the same aromas and the fruit again, but rather on the sweet side. The length is good but not astonishing, and so is the general complexity.

So is it a good wine? Well that is a difficult question. As a Pinot Noir, it is definitely not a good one. The wine is so over extracted and over ripe that it displays none of the character of the Pinot. It rather taste like a Syrah! Otherwise, one cannot say that it is bad. The balance is good, the aromas are pleasant. It is a bit heavy and a bit simple but this should improve. However as an Icon wine of Cono Sur, this is a failure. We do taste a good wine but nothing exceptional. At Alko’s price, it was absolutely a NO-Buy (over 50€), but you can still find it around 35€ at Helsinki-Vantaa airport or on Viking Line.

Wineops’ rating: 75/100 ; 5 +

Ocio 2009 by Cono Sur

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