ALKO: Cupids Arrow Pinot Noir 2009 by Wild Rock (New-Zealand, Central Otago)

I was quite excited to taste this Cupids Arrow Pinot Noir 2009 by Wild Rock, the reasons being that Central Otago is a very cold and thus perfect region for Pinot Noir. One thing however is to know that 2009 is not the vintage of the decade in New-Zealand, 2010 is much more recommendable.

The nose is not unpleasant, not the finest example of Pinot Noir though. It is fruity and nicely smoky. A hint of thyme brings some fun in an overall classical smell. The mouth is however slightly disappointing. There is acid fruit, a hint of toasty aromas and a lot of alcohol. This is overwhelmed by alcohol to the point that the wine is completely off balance. Drinkable but definitely not great.

This is a disappointment for a 19€ bottle at Alko. Much much better choice will be Te Kairanga Runholder 2007, for less than a euro more. To the fact that 2009 is not a good vintage in New-Zealand (a vintage that you would better avoid in red) I can add the very generally verified observation that a Pinot Noir should never reach 14% alcohol for it the becomes unbalanced. Many examples along the past years proved that 13,5% is the limit.

Wineops’ Rating: 65/100 ; 0 0

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