ALKO : Portada 2009 by DFJ Vinhos (Portugal, Lisboa)

As you noticed, I rarely comment on the cheapest wines of Alko’s selection. No particular reasons, except that I don’t want to support that kind of product. Well, yesterday I needed a wine to cook. I had in mind to go for something that I know is good to drink as well, that is to say Savia Viva Tempranillo by Parès Balta (Spain, 7,99€). But I thought, it is always better to taste something new, especially if I want to share it with you. And so I did.

Portada 2009 is even cheaper (7,44€) but as always when you aim at cheap wines from Alko, the 50 cent difference means that Portada is in fact 30 to 40% less expensive than. So… does it deliver? To say it boldly, this is utter crap. It is a disgusting wine. The nose is not clean, the mouth is awfully heavy, with an off-taste impression and a sweet after taste. It is so unpleasant to drink that it made me nauseous.

For the fun, I will copy the back label : « This deep, ruby red, medium-bodied wine has berry fruits flavours and a beautiful balance. » Obviously, beware of what is written because if this wine is indeed medium-bodied, with berries aromas, it is undoubtedly unbalanced and definitely disgusting. You understand that this is for me a NO buy. The same as, by the way (but for other reasons and it still is slightly better), Terra Boa, also from Portugal.

Wineops’ rating: 20/100 ; 0 0

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