ALKO : Prologo Syrah Reserva 2008 by Viña Francisco de Aguirre (Chile, Limari)

Producer: Viña San Francisco de Aguirre (belongs to CAPEL, a cooperative of the Elqui)

Wine: Prologo Reserva Syrah

Vintage: 2008

Origin: Chile, Limari Valley

Price range: 10-15€ (Finland, Alko)

Available at Alko: Yes (03/13), 494397

A new wine in Alko. This one is from the North of Chile. Limari Valley is in the middle of the desert. Very unusual place that has been devoted to wine growing for a long time, though the wine was only made to be transformed into Pisco (a local low quality brandy). Wine diversification came only a few years ago as technics to grow grape have been developed (irrigation, specific pruning methods to protect from  sun…). This « estate » San Francisco de Aguirre is actually part of a huge co-op called CAPEL which is one of the biggest producer of Pisco.

Usually wines from this region suffer from the heat: low acidity, overripe flavours, high alcohol. Nowadays technics enable the reduction of alcohol and boost acidity but often the result is that the specificity of the grape disappear.

On the nose, this wine is very expressive. It displays a strong, intense blackberry nose. Then one can spot a hit of vanilla and cacao, mostly. It is also slightly « smoked ». The mouth is very large, pleasantly balanced. Oak use is well integrated. Again blackberries dominate the palate in term of aromas. Length is ok, slightly warm. Overall the wine is monolithic but well made. Its very strong blackberry smell and taste is interesting but a bit boring after a glass. Not very typical from Syrah. However this is something common in warm climates in Chile. A decent wine, worth the money.

Wineops’ rating: 74/100 ; 0 0


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