ALKO : Merlot by Blue Nun (Germany, France, Languedoc)

Let’s have a little fun today. Yes ! I did it, I tasted this wine that I saw many time over the shelves in Alko. A French VDP d’Oc bottled in… Germany, under a German brand. Besides, there is not any mention of the vintage, which adds to the oddity of the wine.

What is there to be said ? Well, it looked like a no buy and it is. The wine is not even cheap (equivalent of 7,15€ bottle) when this kind of crap should be priced around 3-5€ tops.

In terms of taste, this is the archetypical bad, manipulated wine. I believe many a process has been used to achieve that result. Obviously made from high yields and low ripeness. It has a very unpleasant chemical taste. This is just bad.

Again, considering the price, it is a much better choice to buy Savia Viva by Parès Balta (7,98€, actually) which is a really good wine. I don’t even rate that Blue Nun, this would be a 15 to 20/100. Absolutely no point except from getting a very bad hangover.

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