Who we are

Wineops has been created in the end of the 2000’s. Its primary goal is to provide you with unbiased, honest and precise information about wine, wine growing regions and more generally everything that surrounds wine: glassware, service, restaurant, wine pairing…

Wineops aims also to be much more. We can accompany you, wine enthusiasts in your search for new and authentic emotions, we can help you understand better wine through wine tasting and also through wine buying advises. And for you, sommeliers, restaurant owner, importers… we can provide with accurate buying advise, wine list building services and education seminars. Wineops is also involved in team building activities (seminars, wine dinner) for non wine-related businesses.

Our goal, here, is to get the wine world as clear as possible while keeping in mind how deeply humanistic, cultural and even artistic object wine can be. There will be no prejudices here: no artisan wine versus brand, no biodynamic or organic wine versus traditional… what matter is how well the wine is made, and there are many ways to achieve the wished level of excellency.

Finally, a word about who is behind Wineops.

Nowadays, Wineops is mostly run by one individual, Matthieu Guinard. He is a wine specialist who lives in Finland. Matthieu has been studying in France and abroad a variety of subjects: Philosophy, Art, Cinematography, Languages, Wine and Economy. He has learned wine originally with sommeliers, therefore leaving him a very consumer orientated approached but he has finalised his formation in the Masters of Wine and Spirits of Burgundy Business School. His moto is to judge the wine solely on what is in the glass. His favourite wines come from German Mosel, Austria and France (Rhône, Languedoc, Roussillon). If he had to keep one colour, it would be white. Annually, he trys to taste as much wines as possible (up to 3,000/y). His other hobbies are music (singer in a choir and a band), photography and writing. A bit of sports too 😉 “Mens sana…”.

If any question arises, do not hesitate to contact me. You can use the contact form.

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