ALKO: Wines for Christmas, jouluviinit 2015. SPARKLING! (and sweet)

An yet an other article for Christmas. Here you will find a selection of high quality sparkling wines and sweet wine.

A sparkling wine can be a good choice to pair with the whole diner, especially full bodied sparkling like the one following.

As a treat, I added a selection of sweet wines to enjoy at the end of the meal or a bit later.

Sparkling wines

– Spain, Gramona Imperial Gran Reserva Brut 2008, 29,90€ ref.542787
– Italy, Colonnara Cuvée Tradition Brut 2014, 13,50€ ref.548687
– Austria, Szigeti Gols Prestige Brut 2011, 29,90€ ref.539577
– France, Duval-Leroy, 39,90€ ref.520317
– France, Pol Roger Reserve Brut, 44,90€ ref.518647
– France, Charles Heidsieck Réserve Brut, 49,90€ ref.564737
– France, Bollinger Spécial Cuvée Brut, 55,50€ ref.008715

Sweet wines

– Germany, Dr. Hermann Erdener Treppschen Riesling Kabinett 2014, 14,99€ ref.564567
– France, Château La Tour Blanche 2010, 38,30€ ref.577404
– Portugal, Smith Woodhouse Late Bottled Vintage Port 2003, 25,90€ ref.345077
– Portugal, Taylor’s 10 Year Old Tawny Port, 27,90€ ref.334517

There is a lot of fantastic wines also in the « sale to order » selection (tilausvalikoima) like Markus Molitor or Recaredo.

Many greetings for Christmas and New Year!

Here are the link to the selection of WHITE and RED

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