Alko : Riesling Blitz 2010 by Dr. Pauly Bergweiler

Going on with the decent value wines, I introduce the Riesling Blitz 2010 from Dr. Pauly Bergweiler. Don’t get me wrong, this is a simple and easy wine but at that price point, it is an exception!

Nose and palate are at the same level, which is an ok level. Nothing exceptional, nothing too shallow. There is a bit of fruit (white fruit and stone fruit), a nice acidity and a little sweetness that is not really felt. The result is a balanced, fresh, typical Riesling, easy drinking and flexible. Compared to the Anselmann Riesling Classic which the other German Riesling you find everywhere, it is much more pleasant.

Wineops’ rating: 62/100 ; 0 0

Even if the rating is not high, at this price point, this wine is a bargain. It is clean, fresh and very nice drinking. I would recommend it for your summer grill and aperitive.

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