ALKO, Jouluviinit 2011: Punaviinit

Here are a few comments on the different red wines from ALKO’s normal selection. I will comment them the same way each time and will pick a couple of them as “WINEOPS PICK“. I hope it will be a useful reading.

On the list, you will find first the number that is linked to the comment afterwards, then the name of the producer, then the name of the wine, then the price and finally ALKO’s reference number.

1: Medium strength, fruity, not very complex. This is a very juicy wine though a bit simple in term of aromas. Alcohol is slightly too high.

2: Powerful, fruity and concentrated, medium complexity. Very interesting wine made from grapes that grow in northern Italy. Might be slightly too powerful but will please people who look for something stronger than a Pinot Noir.

3: Medium strength, very fruity, spicy and oaky at the same time, high complexity. This is a modern style fruit-bomb Pinot Noir. Very enjoyable and easy to understand. I liked it a lot. WINEOPS PICK.

4: Medium minus, spicy and a bit fruity, good complexity. Less modern, it will need a bit of breathing. It is an interesting solution if you wish something cheaper than K1.

5: Medium, spicy, fruity and earthy, high complexity. This is a classic solid Pinot Noir that require a minimum of one hour decanting. A beautiful effort for a very reasonable price! WINEOPS PICK.

6: Medium plus, fruity, high complexity. Very nice Pinot Noir, slightly too young.

7: Medium minus, fresh fruits like red currant (punaviinimarja), average. A bargain and a very pleasant wine.

8: Medium, fruity and earthy, medium complexity. Antè is a very good example of wine from northern Italy. Balanced, elegant and yet powerful enough. More body than a Pinot Noir but still fits pork.

9: Medium minus, mix of fruits, humus, average. Not very powerful but a good value for money.

10: Medium minus, cherry and earthy, average. An interesting but basic Pinot Noir from Burgundy. Maybe more difficult to enjoy.

11: Medium, fresh fruits, good complexity. From Sancerre, this is more on the fruit side but still classical. A good wine with a very good acidity, that often lack in New World wines.

12: Medium plus, spicy, good complexity. Classical style. Very versatile and enjoyable wine. A good pick.

13: Medium plus, fruity, spicy, high complexity. More modern, a bit more of everything compared to the previous one.

14: Powerful, fruity and oaky, high complexity. Very modern, this is an extracted, oaked aged Pinot Noir. This requires most of the time a bit of opening. Self evident but it is a bit too much in my opinion.

That’s for the reds, all of them should deliver during your Christmas meals. These red should fit well with joulukinkku and the various laatikkot. However they will not match the possible fish (like savulohi) and the salads.

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