Alko’s : Sauvignon Blanc Lahn 2008 by St.Michael Eppan (Italia, Alto-Adige)

I already mentioned this producer about a very nice Pinot Noir, tasted at Ravintola Matala in Oulu. Therefore I expected an interesting bottle.

St.Michael-Eppan is a big wine producer based in Südtirol-Alto Adige, in this part of Italy close toAustria. The wine style and grape varieties used are quite different from the rest of the Italian production. For example, you can find there Gewurstraminer, Pinot Noir, Riesling… and the style is very nordic, very much alike southern Austrian wines.

The Sauvignon Blanc Lahn 2008 is part of the « Cru line » of St.Michael-Eppan, being more terroir driven wines. It displays a discrete and not too complex nose. The « cat’s pee » or grassy typical sauvignon flavor is definitely here. However, it lacks a bit of something. In the mouth, the wine is not very expressive, a bit shallow, a bit flabby… it lacks acidity and seems to be high in alcohol. This wine is plain and not exciting.

Wineops’ rating: 63/100 ; 0 0

Nothing to really add. The structure is not bad but it is obviously a week vintage. Try maybe the 2009.

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